Spanky Spanky! The Hanky
Panky Game for Conseting Adults 6303

"A Theme Party Game"
The object of the game is for players to get through their courses at THE ACADEMY OF SWEET SUFFERING (A.S.S) and to PASS OUT at the end with AS LITTLE PAIN AS POSSIBLE. Not easy when an unlucky throw of the dice can turn up a BLACK MARK a BAD REPORT a FORFEIT or a SPANKING! Once OUT OF THE CLOSET you may have to answer QUESTIONS (on sums, spelling and general knowledge), perform a CHARADE, tell a rude JOKE, take off an item of clothing, become a SLAVE with a SUB card, or play the BULLY with a DOM card! You may get THREE OF THE BEST! It's up the CHAINS and down the WHIPS and watch out for THE BEAK and THE SPANKMASTER GENERAL!

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